Saturday, June 09, 2007


1. 今年(?)的hit似乎是涼宮春日, Blood+, and destiny.
2. some names should be remembered, such as 高橋瞳(but I do not like her from the first time seeing her in MS, 玉置成實 is much better, in singing, appearance and attitude.), 平野綾, 元千歲, Gainex

3. Has someone or some institute ever made research about how high animation fans are related to technical geeks? From friends and people around me, and from visiting blogs of strangers, it is almost can-be-expected that people who watch animation and play TV games take programming courses. Is there a perfect explanation for this connection? :p

Today's GJ and Reference:
"惡搞和高畫質可說是京阿尼的兩大招牌啊XDDD" from ELTRUT in Blog
這評論真是精準阿 XD
[Cyclone]日誌 ~無盡的ACG~ » 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱
GAINAX - Wikipedia: "GAINAX亦經常在其作品中引用經典動畫的典故,並因此被人稱為「御宅公司」。" XDXDXD

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