Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Software Globalization and Localization

Software Globalization and Localization


* Globalization is the process of making a product multi-lingual. All language-related aspects of the program are separated from the code, and all aspects which vary with target country are handled in a country-independent way.
* Localization is the process of adapting a global product for a particular language and country. Localization includes translations and other conversion, and takes into account local practices and culture, providing a product which is comfortable to use in the target country.
* translation is involved in most aspects of localization. Accuracy and appropriateness of translation are key to overall product quality.
* Retrofitting is an informal term for localizating a product which was not designed to be global. It is the first step taken by most companies entering the global marketplace.

The Localization Process

Ficorp, Inc. works with clients to make the localization process a success. The steps are:

* Define aspects of your software which could be localized, and suggest localization strategies based on your expected sales.
* Create a product schedule for the localization process, including benchmarks and dates.
* Provide professional native translators who have recently lived in target countries.
* Work closely with translators to solve difficulties as they arise, and to maintain consistency.
* Consult with your design team on factors which ease the localization process.
* Help define a truly global product which does not need to change from language to language.
* Prove target language testing.

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