Monday, May 14, 2007

Leah Dizon Official Blog

Leah Dizon Official Blog(リア・ディゾン オフィシャルブログ) powered by アメブロ

Leah Dizon received moderate success including the cover features of various import car magazines. However, her modeling career in the United States gained her much attention and a fanbase overseas, predominantly in Asia. One year after her pictures were posted up on the internet, she had already 2,000,000 hits from search engines. [1] Following the advice of her fans, Dizon sent a demo tape to a talent agency in Japan and in April of 2006, after being accepted, she immediately moved to Tokyo. In October 2006, she released her first photobook titled Petite Amie (Girlfriend in French). In 2007, Dizon made her debut as a singer under the record label Victor Entertainment. Her debut CD single and DVD package, Softly (VIZL-216) was released February 14, 2007[2], which stayed at number #7 in the Oricon Charts for two days and then rose to #5. At the same time, she also released her second photobook titled Hello! Leah.[3].

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