Monday, April 03, 2006

Rise and Shine / the Cardigans

I want to be alone for a while
I want earth to breathe to me
I want the waves to grow loud
I want the sun to bleed down

see the waves go down
see the moon alone
see the world unshown
I raise my head and whisper

rise and shine
rise and shine my sister

I want to see the wounded moon
I want the sea to break through
I want it all to be gone tomorrow
so I've come to say goodbye...


Cardigans, my favorite band.
Because of them, I start my first impression of Sweden, which is a so far country to me.
In a humid subtropical weather, crowded city life, I listen to their music, imagining there should be lovely sunshine, green grass and clear blue sky. Well now I know it's summer they techinically ignore the winter in their songs. :p

When I feel down, I think about this song and sing it in heart, "I want to be alone for a while..."
Start with being alone but end in - Rise and shine, my sister.
Yes, Rise and Shine, my sister. Go for it, though sometimes feel sad.

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hikari said...

I listen to it in the midnight with headphone thinking about you. After I met you, I start to give more meanings to Sweden because it's the country of you. Though looking like so near it's still far. You are too fair for me to approach just as the world I imagine from these songs.

I hate being so weak I shall stop all the negative thoughts,but I just can't.

Please ... shine above me tonight when I feel sad, my star.