Monday, February 19, 2007

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig深邃的藍色眼睛令我著迷

視線定著 想要找出那裡面訴說的訊息

Eva Green 新一代龐德女郎 更聰明也更複雜 多樣的人格和表現更加有魅力

原來這就是你喜歡的妝感阿 帶點奇妙的探索仔細觀察著

相偎相依 終究分離

edited from the review by James Berardinelli

" My hope is that Casino Royale has not only re-invented James Bond, but made him relevant for the 21st century. The target audience has shifted. Although there's nothing in Casino Royale that will exclude teenagers, this 007 is aimed squarely at adults. The November release date is also perfect - the film is almost too dark and serious for the kind of lighthearted, mindless fun we associate with summer blockbusters. In recent years, I have come to each new James Bond movie with a series of ingrained expectations. For the most part, the Brosnan films met them across the board. Casino Royale defies many of them, and I couldn't be happier. "

I like so many of the lines he used to say about this movie but only choose the last paragraph to put here. 5 stars to the new re-invented Bond!

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