Thursday, September 28, 2006

M-flo loves Yoshika / Let Go

This song is just so touching T_T

Even not knowing what she is singing at first, I can directly feel all the emotions within her angel-like voice. Love as well as time just pass by, 就算明知徒勞, 卻無法放棄無謂的嘗試。
I knew this song's release two years ago, not paying any attention to it though. The love bug made at the same series appeals to me a lot and still remains one of my favorite song. But I just missed this one.
Recently I found a Taiwanese webpage about m-flo. (it also started quite accidentally, from Paris Hilton and P.H is from Merje's housewarming party ... anyway, behind everything there is a reason, only you know it or not... XD) I read the blogger's comment and it called up my interest in this song. I found it in youtube and love it immediately.

I can say nothing but m-flo is awesome!!!
Thank you for creating good music and discover great singer to work with.
Floating with the music, to the dreams...

Lyrics @ uta-net

12/15/2016 8:42:20 AM
強烈冷氣團來襲 昏天暗地的早晨 
重新聽了這首歌 重新喚起的心情

叶わない恋におぼれても このまま  
夢から覚めたくない can't let go  

壊れそうな位 不安になるだけ  
Oh why 独り占めしたくなるの  
何も言わずに ただ君の愛がここに欲しいよ 


Love Train... に駆け込み乗車したけど  
待ってはくれない理想から straight no chase  
猛speedで現実まで run、run、run  
love で逆転、あざ笑う logic  
急がないと Mr. Heartbreak might stay  
巻き戻す 色あせた記憶再生 

Chelsea: Let go:
it's here~

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